"My first major Theatre Show released 20 years ago. Time flies by, and I had the opportunity to compose a lot of successful shows. I decided I’ll put together a double album featuring previously unreleased recordings of original theater works performed exclusively in Europe and Asia, spanning the last 20 years. I invited many of my friends, extraordinary musicians to perform on these re-arranged, re-orchestrated, and re-mixed compositions."


My Favorites Theatre Themes


My Favorites Theatre Themes

Fly Away

Sophie Cairo, feat. Zolbert


Sophie Cairo - lead vocal

János Kulka - lead vocal

Szilvia Péter-Szabó - lead vocal

Sturcz Quartet - Vilmos Olah (v1), Péter Szilagyi (v2), Gyula Benko (va), András Sturcz (vc)

Liszt Ferenc Kamarazenekar

Zoltán Lantos - violin

Álmos Gáspár - violin

Krisztina Sandor - violin, viola

Sandor Budai - violin

Tamas Gombai - violin

Balazs 'Dongo' Szokolay - folk recorder

Ferenc Gulyas - folk recorder

Zolbert - saxophone

Andras Jasz - saxophone

Peter Mako - tarogato

Miklos Mako - trumpet

Csaba Puskas - trumpet

Ferenc Csiszar - guitar

Zoltan Sipeki - guitar

Kalman Balogh - cimbalom

Adrienn Feher - vocal

Gyorgy Derzsi - vocal

Andrea Jonas - vocal

Laszlo Studniczky - bass

Gergely Kolta - bass

Csaba Novak - double bass

Peter Kaszas - drums

Balazs Vegh - drums

Manfred Schweigkofler - lyrics (Fly Away)

Mihaly Kal Pinter - lyrics (Jégbe zárt világ)

Szabolcs Puha - vocal recording (Jégbe zárt világ)

Zoltan Mihalik - vocal recording (Fly Away)

Moshon Shabah - stem mastering (Jégbe zárt világ, Fly Away)

Matteo Marchisano-Adamo - artwork photo