Quarantine Music Chain

Lead Composer and Music Producer - IMRE CZOMBA

"I'm happy to have been a creative link between my musician friends and to be able to put a smile on everyone’s face in this difficult situation."

Imre Czomba's 100 musician and 40 singer friends joined from sixteen countries to this truly diverse and exciting musical trip. Stars from the USA, Germany, Australia, Canada, Egypt, Norway, Slovakia, France, Germany, New Zealand, China, Russia, Israel, Norway, Argentina, and Hungary, and of course from Hollywood, appear in the production - composers, musicians and singers alike. The internationally acclaimed artist initially called only a few of his friends to see if they would like to take part in a joint song recorded from home, but his list was filled in moments with yeses from stars like Kenny G, Michael Boddicker, Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report, Santana), Ed Calle (Gloria Estefan, Michael Bolton), Richie Garcia (Phill Collins band), Michael O'Neill (Barbra Streisand band), Lane McCray (La Bouche), Sophie Cairo (La Bouche), Sara Andon, Andrew Kesler (Accent), , etc. Imre Czomba, in response to the constraints, conducted a joint jam session recorded from home with the help of more than 100+40 famous co-creators. However, the music was not composed by an artist alone, but it was born in a special way, as a result of the inspiring voices of more composers.

My pleasure! Thank you for asking!!! Great project!! Really well done!!

Kenny G - GRAMMY® Award Winning saxophonist (one of the best-selling artists of all time)

Wow Imre. Honored to have been a part of your music.

Michael Lehmann Boddicker - GRAMMY® Award Winning Film Composer and session musician

Thank you for the invite. Wonderful to make music with all of you. Love it. Music and musicians are truly universal gifts. Much love to all.

Ed Calle - GRAMMY® Award Winning saxophonist and composer (Gloria Estefan, Michael Bolton)

Beautiful job by my friend Imre Czomba. I’m proud to be a part of it.

Michael O'Neill - guitarist, composer (Barbra Streisand Band, George Benson)

What an honor to be a part of such a collective group of sensational musicians. Humbled thanks Imre for the opportunity!

Lane McCray (La Bouche) - Multi-award winner singer-songwriter

Thank you much, Imre Czomba!!!! Wow, a huge, monumental project that is so incredible full of love!!!! Bravo to you and all involved!! Thank you for bringing us all together from all over the world.

Sara Andon - Flutist, international soloist and recording artist

When a bold idea becomes real.. Wonder happens. And you made wonder Imre! Happy and proud to be a part of this incredible project!

Fanni Sarkozy - Multi-award winner pianist singer and composer

The full list of the participants of the Jam Session Project:

Imre Czomba - Kenny G - Michael Lehmann Boddicker - Alphonso Johnson - Sara Andon - Michael O'Neill - Ed Calle - Richie Garcia - Andrew Kesler - Chris Tedesco - Sophie Cairo - Fanni Sarkozy - Kornel Horvath - Erika Miklosa - Mark Smythe - Rachel O'Connor - Nathalie Bonin - Adonis Tsilimparis - Laszlo Mezo - Stefano Sacchi - Massimo Sami - St.Martin - Eszter Biro - Tamara Miller - Charles Brotman - Nathan Finkelnstein - Philippe Falliex - Zoltan Czutor - Peter Gerendas - Jamie Lee Wilson - Bario Auguszt - Omar El-Deeb - Feco Balazs - Erika Kadi - Andras Mach - Tamás Mészáros - Bence Gazda - Zolbert - Gábor Molnár - Tamas Keller - Balazs Antal - Laszlo Pete - Bence Vavra - Eva Bognar - Barnabás Wodala - Georgiana Tarjan - Gyula Elias jr. - Igor Kogan - Miklós Németh - Tamas Pal - Henriett Czerovszky - Akira Komatsu - Gergely Kolta - Tamas Bolba - Andras Sturcz - Erik Kovacs - Gergely Paradi - Peter Kaszas - Andrea Hammond - Gergely Tar - Istvan Elek - Tomas Valicek - Attila Juhasz - Mihaly Bajusznacs - Gabor Dornyei - Levi da Cruz - Gyula Toth - Adrienn Feher - Richard Revesz - Zoltan Lantos - Balazs Vegh - Gabor Feher - Tibor Fekete - Patricia Bartus - Gabor Horvath - Gabor Nagysomlyosi - Matias Piegari - Tibor Fonay - Gyula Papp - Ferenc Csiszar - Dom Aiken - Matyas Molnar - Barbara Sardy - Csaba Bese - Matyas Ivan Toth - Arthur Grosz - Jeno Tarczal - Zoltan Kiss - Adam Andras Horvath - Tina Wang - Daniel Gerendas - Peter Papesh - Andrea Valsecchi - Ferenc Szabo - Szilard Balanyi - Bernat Babicsek - Istvan Perger - Peter Sutto - Shalev Alon

RHYTHM OF LOVE (feat. La Bouche)

The full list of the participants of the CHOIR Project:

Music and Lyrics: Imre Czomba, Lane McRay, Alec Be, Gabor Feher

Soloist: Lane McCray & Sophie Cairo (La Bouche) - Fanni Sarkozy & Tamas Meszaros & Gabor Molnar & Bence Vavra & Barnabas Wodala & Miklos Nemeth (Fool Moon) - Peter Gerendas - Gyula Eilas Jr - Peter Kaszas - Andrea Szulak - Dani Torres - Gabor "Nemo" Nemeth

Harmonica: - Gyorgy Ferenczi

Rap: Alec Be

BeatBox: Akos Bartha

Soprano: Ildi Faith - Eva Bognar - Beatrix Budai - Noemi Szabo

Alto: Zsanett Andradi - Barbara Sardy - Eszter Biro - Bernadett Moor - Georgiana Tarjan - Anna Napsugar - Kata Gal-Sztankovits

Tenor: Gabor Bot - Zsolt Homonnay - Csaba Abahazi - Emil Bela Neuhauser

Bariton: Rezso Soltesz - Peter Foldy - Szilard Balanyi - Bario Auguszt

Bass: Gabriel Farkas - Tamas Pal - Andras Sturcz - Peter Sutto

Music Producer, Arranger, Video Editor: Imre Czomba

Video Editor Supervisor: David Crabtree

Mastering Engineer: Shalev Alon

Special Thanks: Fanni Sarkozy, Gabor Feher, Michelle Czernin, Endre Mentes, Kinga Kenyhercz, Kriszina Csupo, Takatheartist, Eiko Czomba and Emily Czomba (Steal lid) ♥