Happiness 69:09 (Boldogság 69:09)

October 14, 2009


14/10/2009 Palace of the Arts, Budapest

Music Composer: IMRE CZOMBA


Experience and National Dance Theatre production in two acts

The creator places us into the recent past of 1969 and the present days of 2009 in Hungary. Our main characters are the twenty something of both eras, the invisible heroes who still believe, hope and trust, and if the situation requires, do in order to achieve wonders.

They are the Happiness Finders of the last 40 years, and today. To strengthen the message, the soundtrack is a compilation of the dance music of 2009 and the hits of 1969. Moral values, tradition, love, respect, honour then and now.

The production that features 17 legendary tracks, is an absolute hit with the audience.


The story is about twenties people from 2009 and 1969, who searching the happines.
For more information: www.experidance.hu


Writer: Zsolt Meskó
Director- choreographer: Sándor Román

Costume designer: Ildikó Debreczeni
Scene designer: János Mira
Light: Balázs Szimeiszter
Sound engineer: Bertalan Kupcsik


Bistei Judit, Cseke Ágnes, Deák Vince
Dénes Nándor, Falvai Miklós, Görög Zoltán
Holman Enikő, Horváth Mónika, Iványi Tamás
Kiss Levente, Klausz Bernadett, Morvai Veronika, Nádas Judit, Patonai Norbert, Patonai Zsolt, Petrovics Petra, Péli Róbert, Pintér Ágota Lotti, Rajna Eszter, Reszneki Domán, Sátori Júlia,
Újszászi András, Vajda Nikoletta, Varga Attila, Varga Zsuzsanna, Vass Judit, Zsombori Miklós





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