Festen (Ünnep)

November 7, 2006



07/10/2006. Pesti Theatre, Budapest


Music composer: Imre Czomba

Writer: David Eldridge

Hungarian Translator: Kornél Hamvai
Director: Enikő Eszenyi


Christian – Iván Kamarás
Michael – Csaba Pindroch
Helene – Barbara Hegyi
Mette – Böbe Bodor
Helge – Géza Hegedűs D.
Else – Judit Halász
Helmut – István Hajdu
Poul – Béla Fesztbaum
Pia – Lídia Danis
Kim – István Juhász
Lars – Kálmán Varju
Nagyapa – Tibor Kenderesi
Nagymama – Liza Szatmári
Pincérnő -Martina Kovács
Főpincér – Attila Viszt

Scene designer: Anni Füzér

Costume designer: Andrea Bartha

Dramaturg: Péter Deres

Consultant: György Böhm

Assistant to the director: Ildikó Várnai


This stage version of the classic Danish film is about an explosive family celebration. Patriarch Helge Klingenfelt is celebrating his 60th birthday with his family at a magnificent old hotel in the Danish countryside. Gathered together are his loyal wife Elsa, his daughter Helene, and sons Christian and Michael. As the evening progresses Christian feels compelled to break the silence surrounding a dark family secret. The effect is explosive and sets the tone for a celebration no one will forget. This dramatization by David Eldridge is based on the Dogme film and play by Thomas Vinterberg, which deals with similar themes of repercussions of child abuse and a family’s collusion in denial that finally implodes.


More Informations: http://www.vigszinhaz.hu/






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