The Gypsies of Nagyida (Nagyidai cigányok)

September 28, 2006



28/09/2006, National Dance Theatre Budapest

12/03/2010, Teatro Neuvo Apolo , Madrid (Spain)

Music composer: IMRE CZOMBA


Joint work of National Dance Theatre and ExperiDance


Writer: György Schwajda
Director-choreographer: Sándor Román

Dancers: Norbert Patonai, Bertalan Vári, Dénes Kovács , Veronika Morvai, Nándor Dénes, Zoltán Görög, Mónika Horváth,Júlia Sátori, Miklós Zsombori, Erika Jászka, Róbert Péli, Eszter Rajna, Zsolt Végső, Judit Vass, Zsuzsa Kun, Viktória Sipos, Annamária Borics, Tamás Iványi, Levente Kiss, Éva Papp, Dóra Ferkó, Albert Hernicz, Eszter Kutas, Miklós  Falvai.

Guest: Sándor Budai – violin

Costume designer: Ildikó Debreczeni
Scene designer: János Mira
Light: Balázs Szimeiszter
Sound engineer: Bertalan Kupcsik


The premier of the new joint production of ExperiDance and the National Dance Theatre is based on the epic comedy of János Arany.  It is a two act dance performance, full of poetry, humour and dynamic choroegaphy, that will even surprise the audience, who has come to know and enjoy the style of the dancegroup.

Sándor Román continues the success of “One Thousand and One Years” and taking it a step further by combining the motives of Hungarian folk dance and folk music, with many unknown elements of gypsy folklore, that are connected to the story itself.

The epic poem of János Arany (that was written in 1852 as a parody of the war of independence) is based on a true story:


At the end of the 17th century the Austrian troups led by General Puch assult the castle of Nagyida. When the Hungarian defenders, led by Captain Perédi, recognized their lack of power, food, and munitions, they escaped from the castle, leaving the gypsies with their leader Csóri to defend the castle. The elated hero gypsies celebrate with a big feast and dance, dreaming about glorious victory and good fortune.  The story is told in two acts of humor and sweeping dance for our entertainment.

Interesting information: this show was 5 weeks with great success in Teatro Neuvo Apolo Madrid.



Imre Czomba – arrangement, keyboards, recorder, flute, vocal, guitars

Sándor Budai – violin

Kálmán Balogh – zimbalom

Peter Mako – clarinet

Karoly Berki – guitar

Csaba Novak – bass, mouthbass

Miklós Mako – trumpet, flugenhorn

Adrienn Feher, Andrea Jonas, Sandor Roman – vocal

Sturcz quartet – Vilmos Olah (v1), Péter Szilagyi (v2), Gyula Benko (va), András Sturcz (vc)






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