Steel – The Legend of the Metal

April 5, 2005



05/04/2005, Bolzan Urban Theatre (Italy)

Music Composer: IMRE CZOMBA


Two-act dance performance


Joint work of the ExperiDance Company and the Bolzan Urban Theatre


Concept, script, direction: Manfredo Cicigoi


Scene and costume designer: Zsuzsa Molnár

Associate choreographer: Bertalan Vári
Director-choreographer: Sándor Román

Finale song performed by: Szilvi Péter Szabó (Nox)

The lyrics of the finale song : Manfredo Cicigoi and Mihály Kalpintér

The dancer – Bertalan Vári
The ghosts of the metal (Iduna and Anudi) – Eszter Kutas, Ágota Lotti Pintér, Erika Jászka, Júlia Sátori
Professor Zweistein – Róbert Péli

Sog – Hernicz Albert
Professor Assistant – Kovács Dénes
Pippi – Sipos Viktória
Anudi’s bodyguards – Norbert Patonai , Péter Takács

Achilleus – Levente Kiss
Cleopatra – Éva Papp


Dancers: Judit Bistei, Annamária Borics, Péter Enyedi,Dóra Ferkó, Sándor Gál, Zoltán Görög, Mónika Horváth, Tamás Iványi, Zsuzsanna Kun, Veronika Morvai, EszterRajna, Judit Vass, Zsolt Végső, Miklós Zsombori


ExperiDance brings to life authentic folk dance traditions by mixing them with modern, eclectic dance elements enabling the current generation to identify with traditional roots. The Company’s creations move beyond impressive technical execution and also bear hallmarks of light humour and irony.

The grand-scale show STEEL presents The Legend of the Metal through history, demonstrating the role of the material in the development of humanity. The message of this international cooperation:Encounters of European countries and their cultures without borders. (Palace of the Arts)

About the music:

The main difference between previous pieces and STEEL is that while they are both built on Hungarian folk music elements, STEEL uses West-European sounds dominantly.


Symphonic themes are mixed with modern, contemporary sounds. The love theme, first introduced in the knight scene, becomes a love song performed by a singer by performance’s end.  In the Hungarian version the song was performed by Szilvia Péter Szabó who is known from the pop group NOX.

The humour and the storm of dance music are also evidenced.  The most dynamic and dramatic music can be heard at the end of the first act, called Perpetuum mobile. This music is full of shocking melody and rhythmic turns which make the visual show more complete.


In the second act we experience more modern music trends, like hard rock music. We hear interesting and less used instruments like the Australian digeridoo, or jew’s-harp.

The curiosity of the piece can be attributed to the sounds of  folk instruments like the flute and goat-horn used by the composer.  Additionally, amusing “songs” like the “Arabic Song” and the “Jail Song” are also enhanced through the choreography of Sándor Román.


In Bolzano you hear two live musicians, Matteo Rosetto (guitars) and Mario Punzi (drums), but in Hungary the use of Dolby Surround sound makes the show and the experience more complete and unforgettable.


The musicians:

Guitars: Zoltán Sipeki

Vocal: Adrien Fehér, Andi Jónás, Gábor Majsai, Imre Czomba, Sándor Román

Keyboards, flutes, any folk instruments and computer programs: Imre Czomba





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