One Thousand and One Years (Ezeregyév)

September 10, 2001



10/09/2001, Szigligeti Theatre, Szolnok

Music composer: IMRE CZOMBA

Music composer: László Rossa, Zsolt Gömöry
Director: Sándor Román
Choreographer: Sándor Román

A Teremtő – Norbert Patonai
Lucifer – Miklós Falvai
Ádám – Róbert Péli
Éva – Veronika Morvai
Angyalok – Nándor Dénes, Zoltán Görög, Mónika Horváth, Júlia Sátori, Miklós Zsombori
Ördögök – Judit Nádas, Levente Kiss,Ágota Pintér Lotti, András Újszászi


Almost incredible but this year the Experidance Dance Company is only 10 years old.In last several years they could walk up to such genre heights and their performance could be seen to conquer on so levels and quantities that we can feel the Experidance trade name has been known for decades.In this case we can talk about a well-sounding trade name which has quarantined the quality and success right from the beginning. The Experidance along with Sandor Román’s about 30 years old professional career as a dancer, then as a director-choreographer – he produced this one decade-long success story – leaves iqueryable tracks in “hungarian dance history-book”.

As a “hungaricum”, the Company has lived more than 1300 full house shows and wins the palm on either inland shows or over the borders season by season. They is mentioned as the Ambassador of Hungarian Dance and had many tours far behind them in Spain, Turkey and China too.The biggest attraction of company’s history is going to provide “dessert” to the new and old spectators as well and the regular numbered ballet being completed doubly is going to appear on the scene with 40 members.The monumental repertoire steers the course of legendary “Ezeregyév” – Thousand and one year. Exclusively this evening the leading part will be danced by Sandor Roman again who can be proud of uncountable professional and state awards as an the company leader choreographer.On 15th of August a Gala Performance will be organized in Arena which will not only be a jubilee attraction of 10 years old Experidance but the feast of hungarian dance based on traditional values in the course of the conqueror company’s work.


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