Imre Czomba is a Los Angeles-based American/Hungarian Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger, Music Producer, Music Supervisor, and Musician. A prominent figure in the International Music scene since 1993.

He is most recognized for his numerous theatrical compositions and productions, including musicals, international events, and dance theatre shows. Imre earned international acclaim for his 18-year collaboration with ExperiDance, a famous dance troupe whose shows premiered in top theaters across Europe and Asia.

His international repertoire includes compositions for the 2008 Summer and 2014 Winter Olympic Games, the 2013 European Judo Championship, the 2021 World Judo Championship, and the 2006 European Aquatic Championship Official Song.

In 2008 and 2009, Imre was selected to compose music for the prestigious Hungarian National Day firework shows, ​each ​with a viewership of over 3 million people. These events were the most spectacular and unforgettable moments of his professional life.

As a composer, arranger, orchestrator, music producer, and musician, Imre has appeared on over 110 albums. He has received 18 Gold, 14 Platinum, and 4 Double-Platinum albums. His songs have been sung by Hungarian legends Zsuzsa Cserháti, Erika Miklósa, and Ákos Kovács...

In 2020, Imre Czomba's 100 musician friends joined from sixteen countries on this truly diverse and exciting musical trip called #QuarantineMusicChain. Imre Czomba had an opportunity to work on this project with his world-famous star friends as Kenny G, Michael Boddicker, Alphonso Johnson (Weather Report, Santana), Ed Calle (Gloria Estefan, Michael Bolton), Richie Garcia (Phill Collins band), Sara Andon, Andrew Kesler (Accent), Michael O'Neill (Barbra Streisand band).

He has also scored and produced music for over 60 films, television movies, and television series.

As a respected and versatile music composer and producer, Imre is a voting member of the Hungarian Film Academy, Grammy® Recording Academy, and the Emmy® Television Academy.