Imre Czomba


A prominent figure in the international music scene since 1993, IMRE CZOMBA is a highly respected composer, film composer, keyboard player, music producer, and orchestrator. His work experience began in 1994 when he joined the Rock and Madach Theatre as a keyboard-player and toured Western Europe. During this time he performed on television as well as some of the largest music venues. These appearances gave him the chance to collaborate with some of the best-known performers.


At an early point in his career, Imre was inspired by the blues, which can be clearly heard in his piano playing. He has been a member of several top blues bands and has performed on the same stages with B. B. King, Sting, Zucchero, Pink, and Robben Ford.


In 2000 Imre’s career took a different turn when he was asked to compose music for several successful Theatre Shows.


That experience led to a meeting with choreographer Sandor Roman with whom Imre developed the unique harmony of dance and music for ExperiDance. The dance group is committed to the heritage of Hungarian folk dance. Imre is successfully composing an outstanding music repertoire built around Hungarian folk music but also manages to step outside its boundaries. This new musical direction has turned into a romantic and grandiose part of world-music.


Continuing his collaboration with the dance group, he produced theatrical shows such as Revans(2003), Steel (collaborating with Bolzano Urban Theatre) (2005), Gypsies of Nagyida(2006), Measure for Measure(2007), Essence(2008), Happiness 69:09 (2009), Liliomfi(2012), Radnoti(2013) and I, Leonardo(2015). Imre also took part in the production of a TV-series by ExperiDance about the birth of dance, called The Legend of Dance. These successful shows are playing around the world, everywhere from China to Finland. The Gypsies of Nagyida played 5 successful weeks at Madrid Central Theatre.


These stage-shows are regularly played on the main stages of European top theaters. He has many successful musical plays, for example, The Born a Country (2007). The shows were performed with 250 dancers and 10 singers at Budapest’s most famous Hero Square. Untouchables(2012) played at the Margaret Island Open-Air Stage and The Taming of the Shrew (Makrancos Kata)(2013) played at the RaM Colosseum.


In 2003, Imre joined the popular band NOX as a composer, keyboard player, and bandleader. As a result of their extensive touring, the albums by NOX topped every chart in Hungary. They received several golds, platinum, and double platinum records. They also won the Band of the Year award at VIVA COMET(2006), PERSIAN GOLDEN LIONESS(2006), BRAVO OTTO(2006), LIGUE OF STARS, FONOGRAM and MAHASZ AWARDS.  Their album Shining became Album of the year in 2006.


In the same year, Imre received the chance to compose the official song of the European Swimming Championship. Sports lovers all over the continent enjoyed the song and it went Platinum on the day of its CD release. It has since turned Double Platinum. Later he had the chance to compose the Hungarian Olympic Team’s Official Song(2008), XXVIII. Judo European Championship’s Official song (2013) and Evgeni Plushenko’s Russian National Championship and Winter Olympic Music.


Imre maintained his momentum in 2006 by composing music for a play based on the Danish dogma movie FESTEN receiving glowing reviews. He also wrote a score for the inauguration of a monument built for the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.


He was highly honored with an invitation to write music for the Hungarian National Day’s fireworks in 2008 and 2009. With over 3 million viewers, it was an unforgettable moment in his professional life.


He next turned to television as a conductor and a music producer, working on shows such as League Of Stars and "Csinaljuk a fesztivalt" a popular new TV program that features the biggest Hungarian hits of the last 50 years.


He wrote several video game scores for the IOS and Android applications. He is currently collaborating with Beegang and the Kaplan International Company.


In 2013, Imre moved to Los Angeles. Since then he has scored several International Film Productions, and composed music for the Meldrum House(Short), Argo2(Action Comedy), The True Adventures of Raoul Walsh(documentary), Cinema Inferno(documentary) and The Coffin Footage(Horror movie)


Imre is heavily inspired by the folk music of different diverse cultures and this continues to influence  his symphonic compositions. He is a collector of folk instruments from all over the world and features them frequently in his music…





Ligue of stars I. (Nox) 2004 – Arranger
Bravo Awards (Nox) 2005 – Head of the band, Music Composer
Mahasz CD of the year (Nox) 2005 – Head of the band, Music Composer
Viva Comet (Nox) 2006 – Head of the band, Music Composer
Persian Golden Lioness Award (Nox) 2006 – Head of the band, Music Composer
Katona József Theatre Kecskemét, Operett Tender III. 2011 – Music Composer
Meldrum House (Short Film), 2012 American International Film Festival “Best Movie with Supernatural Theme”
Meldrum House (Short Film), 2013 FEBIO International Film Festival “Best Short Film”



VII. Pécsi Országos Színházi Fesztivál (FESTEN) – Music Composer
Fonogram (Princess, Mediterran) 2007 – Arranger, Music Composer
ÁKOS (Ákos 40+ DVD) 2010 – Piano, Composer, Arranger
Fonogram (Tóth Vera, Csak a zene kell nekem) 2011 – Arranger
Meldrum House (Short Film), Official Selection, 2012 Hollywood Real Independent Film Festival
Meldrum House (Short Film), La Indie Film Festival competition.
Meldrum House (Short Film), London Underground Film Festival
Meldrum House (Short Film), 13th Hungarian Film Festival Los Angeles
True Adventures of Raoul Walsh, Official Selection (American Documentary Film Festival 2015)


Gold CD’s:

KÖKÉNY ATTILA (Nincs semmi másom) 2011 – Music composer
ÁKOS (Ákos 40+ DVD) 2009 – Piano, Composer
ADAGIO (Hollywood) 2009 – Arranger
ÁKOS (Ákos 40) 2008 – Piano, Arranger
CSÉZY (Szívverés) 2007 – Music Composer
ADAGIO (Adagio) 2007 – Arranger
NOX (Örömvölgy) 2006 – Music composer
ÁKOS (Még közelebb) 2006 – Piano
PRINCESS (Mediterran) 2006 – Music composer, Arranger
ADAGIO (Gold) 2006 – Arranger, Mix
NOX (DVD) 2006 – Music composer, Head of the band
NOX (Ragyogás) 2005 – Music composer
NOX (Karácsony) 2004 – Head of the band
NOX (Bűvölet) 2004 – Music composer
CSERHÁTI ZSUZSA (Életem zenéje) 2003 – Music composer
ROMANTIK (A kelet fényei) 2002 – Music composer
FIESTA (A tűzön át) 2001 – Arranger
FIESTA (Hozzám tartozol) 2001 – Arranger


Platinum CD’s:

ÁKOS (Ákos 40+ DVD) – Piano, Composer, Arranger
ÁKOS (Ákos 40) 2008 – Piano, Arranger
ADAGIO (Adagio) 2007 – Arranger
NOX (Örömvölgy) 2006 – Music composer
ÁKOS (Még közelebb) 2006 – Piano
ADAGIO (Gold) 2006 – Arranger, Mix
NOX (DVD) 2006 – Music composer, Head of the band
NOX (Ragyogás) 2005 – Music composer
NOX (Karácsony) 2004 – Head of the band
NOX (Bűvölet) 2004 – Music composer
CSERHÁTI ZSUZSA (Életem zenéje) 2003 – Music composer
ROMANTIK (A kelet fényei) 2002- Music composer
FIESTA (A tűzön át) 2002 – Arranger
FIESTA (Hozzám tartozol) 2002 – Arranger


Double Platinum CD’s:

ÁKOS (Ákos 40) 2008 – Piano, Arranger
NOX (Örömvölgy) 2006 – Music composer
NOX (Ragyogás) 2005 – Music composer
NOX (Bűvölet) 2004 – Music composer





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